How to Prepare Your Garden Before Selling Your Home

With March and the Spring market just around the corner, many people inevitably start to consider marketing their home in the better weather, and the presentation of your gardens is certainly an aspect of the marketing of your home that needs some attention.  Here are just a few of our tips that are, hopefully, not too time consuming or expensive, but make all the difference for us when we show your property:

  1. Mow the Lawn 
    It may sound a very basic and unimportant matter, but if we are showing people around and you have a neatly cut and edged lawn it definitely is excellent for showing that the home is cared for and well maintained.

  2. Paths and Patios
    Those uneven slabs that you have been looking at for months on your patio or path definitely could do with attention, again, to illustrate a cared for property, which is well maintained, and also safe to ensure no one trips up on a viewing!

  3. Children’s Toys
    Whilst people do understand that a garden is used and lived in by a family, it is always best before a viewing to tidy them up and put them in an area of the garden, or away in a shed, to make the garden look its biggest and also, again, it is a safety matter.

  4. Have a Cut Back
    Make sure that all paths and patios and the overall look of the garden is one that is not overgrown, as it has been proven in surveys that as much as 25% of people are put off if a garden is significantly overgrown and looking uncared for.

  5. Sheds and Outbuildings
    It is always a good idea, if you have the time, to give outbuildings a lick of paint, or a general tidy up, and certainly ensure that they are easily accessible, that locks work, any windows are glazed and overall they look in a good state of repair.

  6. Fencing
    Lack of maintenance to surrounding fences, even if the fence is not your own, can make potential buyers concerned, firstly that you don’t maintain the property, or, secondly, that they may have a difficult neighbour who does not maintain theirs!  It is always worth resolving any fencing, or indeed gate issues, prior to coming to the market.

  7. Pets
    As agents, it never ceases to amaze us how often, when showing prospective buyers around a garden where a vendor owns a dog, that we are having to direct them to step over dog’s mess on the lawn.  Apart from anything else, this prevents them from having a proper look at the garden, as they are too busy avoiding putting their foot in it!  A simple clear-up before a viewing is due to happen is essential.

  8. Garden Lights
    External sensored lights are fantastic, particularly, of course, when viewings are being carried out at dusk, or after dark, so ensure they are all working so that the garden can be seen in its best light for late viewings.

  9. Patios/Decking
    Firstly, make sure they are safe to walk on, and, if appropriate, jet wash them prior to coming to the market.  Strategically placed pot plants to enhance the appearance is also recommended and, if the weather allows, a set of table and chairs in the appropriate place should fire the buyer’s imagination enough to think of themselves enjoying a morning coffee or an afternoon glass of wine on a summers day.