Financial Services

We work closely with Peter Morgan, whose company is Key To Financial Services, who provide us with a whole of market mortgage advice service with a free no obligation initial consultation.  Peter is vastly experienced in the mortgage market and has access to mortgages not available on the High Street.  He is happy to conduct appointments in the clients’ home or place of work and at a convenient time to suit.  His aim throughout is to provide a tailored financial solution to suit the clients’ individual requirements.


Choosing the right Solicitor or Conveyancer to act for you can prove critical to the success or otherwise of your transaction.  It should never be under-estimated the difference to a transaction that a good solicitor can provide, and we are happy to recommend local Solicitors that we have worked with for many years who will provide a competitive fee, but most importantly, guide you through the buying and selling process effectively.

There has recently been a noticeable increase in cheaper on-line conveyancing alternatives, and whilst this is good for the market place, it should also always be borne in mind that, as in most things in life, you do get what you pay for.  Moving home can be a hugely stressful and difficult time for many people and having a good local solicitor or conveyancer can seriously impact upon the overall process for you.

If you would like us to introduce you to a local contact at any time, we would be delighted to do so, who will be more than happy to provide you with a quote that we are sure you will find competitive.


If you decide to instruct a surveyor independent of your mortgage valuation, it is vital that you go to a thorough and professional surveyor.  As for most people your property will be your most valuable asset, of course it is vital to ensure that your investment is sound. We find that the way a report is written, with common sense having been applied, is particularly important and we are happy to recommend two or three local surveyors.

Sale by Informal Tender

This is a service that we offer our clients which is fundamentally a method of carrying out ‘an Auction’ sale without the expense of an Auction.  It is particularly suitable where there is a property with extensive modernisation required, or perhaps potential for a plot adjacent to a dwelling where it is important to let the market decide its value.  The property is marketed with a date approximately a month from the commencement of marketing, where offers have to be received in writing with proof of funds and ability to proceed with the purchase, and at that point a buyer is selected from the offers and a contract issued.  Normally, the client will be given 28 days to exchange so in relative terms the process can be quite short and, most importantly, it will extract the best price from the market.  It is really most suitable for properties where there is a high probability of strong demand and the price, therefore, can be difficult to pinpoint.

Utility Concierge Service

In conjunction with our colleagues at Move In, we will assist you free of change with the transferring of your gas, electric and other service providers to your new address to save you time and energy. 

Membership Scheme

Here at Wilson Thomas, we value client loyalty, and with this in mind we have our own membership scheme with a client loyalty card provided on move in day.  This entitles you to reduced fees when selling again through us which is standardly 15% off our current fees.  There are also financial rewards when referring friends or family to us who end up selling through the Company, and we often have special offers for your next move through associated firms, i.e. local solicitors, removal companies as well as discount vouchers for meals or takeaways to celebrate your move in.  All this is free within our membership scheme.