Sale by Informal Tender

This is a service that we offer our clients which is fundamentally a method of carrying out ‘an Auction’ sale without the expense of an Auction.  It is particularly suitable where there is a property with extensive modernisation required, or perhaps potential for a plot adjacent to a dwelling where it is important to let the market decide its value. 

The property is marketed with a date approximately a month from the commencement of marketing, where offers have to be received in writing with proof of funds and ability to proceed with the purchase, and at that point a buyer is selected from the offers and a contract issued.  Normally, the client will be given 28 days to exchange so in relative terms the process can be quite short and, most importantly, it will extract the best price from the market.  It is really most suitable for properties where there is a high probability of strong demand and the price, therefore, can be difficult to pinpoint.