10 Budget Solutions for a Pre-Sale Kitchen Upgrade

  1. Replace your tiling – this can bring a fresh, modern feel to an old kitchen, at a relatively low cost.  

  2. New worktops – if they are looking tired this can give your units a real lift.  

  3. Replace your flooring – if you have worn out vinyl for example, it can be a relatively cheap solution to boost the kitchen’s look and feel.  

  4. Redecorate – it is always amazing just how a lick of paint lifts the room so much.  

  5. Repaint the kitchen doors – if they lend themselves to this a neutral colour may be the answer to breathe new life into old units.  

  6. Improve the lighting – maybe just a few added lights, or at the very least, ensuring the current ones are all working to their maximum, will always show the kitchen off most effectively.  

  7. Use some new fabrics – replace worn out kitchen cushions and add a matching table cloth to set off the dining/breakfast area.  

  8. Handles – perhaps a new range of furniture on the units will be enough to bring the best out of your old kitchen.  

  9. Curtains and blinds – perhaps a complete refresh of blinds and curtains could be a cheap way of upgrading the feel of the room.  

  10. Clear the worktops – the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the look of your kitchen is to clear away unnecessary clutter to at least show you’ve still got some working surface!

All of the above ideas are surely cheaper than a kitchen replacement, and all will help to show the most important room of your home to a prospective buyer at its best.