Achieving the Best Price for your Property

Here are a few, low cost, easy to implement ideas that don’t involve any upheaval or inconvenience, just some simple ideas to ensure your home looks its best and your chances of achieving the best price are optimised.


  1. Maximise your curb appeal – by simply clearing your drive of garden clutter, and giving external doors and paintwork a good clean, or possibly a lick of paint, you will ensure that your home looks its best when a viewer arrives.

  2. De-clutter and de-personalise – there is a danger when people are viewing your home that they can be distracted, so clear work surfaces, floors, desks and table tops as best you can to ensure the viewer is focussed on looking at the property at all times.

  3. Create space – discard or donate any belongings, including furnishings, clothes and shoes that you no longer want.  It is always best to maximise the space that your home offers and it will give a great impression to prospective buyers.

  4. Make your home smell good – the old adage of baking a loaf of bread or having a fresh pot of coffee on the go are actually both good ideas, as it will make your home smell inviting.  As a minimum, ensure there are no pet smells or stale cooking odours. 

  5. Clean and tidy! – last and possibly one of our most important tips prior to viewings is to make sure your home is clean.  In particular it is worthwhile paying specific attention to your bathrooms and kitchens, as people are more likely to study these areas than others.